Unlimited Access to Video Footage and Live Events, from International Breaking News to Viral Content €12.50 per month for individuals and growing media
The latest world news Over 50 daily videos in breaking news, politics, science, tech, viral and entertainment.
Drama-free live streaming Stream every day directly to your social media accounts without any software or hardware.
Exclusive 360 library The most breathtaking experiences in 360 videos: skydivers, fighter jets, super-bikes and counting.
Licensing and monetisation You can use the Ruptly’s content for the lifetime of the agreement on up to 2 qualifying digital platforms.

Ruptly Video Feed

Ruptly Pass gives you unlimited on-demand access to the best in breaking news, politics, sports, finance, science and tech, viral and entertainment content, produced by Ruptly or licensed to us by third parties.

Ruptly Live

Ruptly Pass Subscribers are the first to broadcast groundbreaking moments exactly as they happen. We provide direct access to global news and featured events so you can stream them live to social media networks such as Facebook, YouTube, Periscope, and Twitter.

Qualifying conditions

Up to 150,000 total page likes, followers and subscribers across Two nominated Social Pages or Channels.
One Website with up to 90,000 total site sessions for the last 90 days and One Social Page or Channel up to 100,000 page likes, followers or subscribers.
Don’t think you qualify? No problem, we have accommodating client managers ready listen to your needs right now. Get in touch!

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Video footage and Live streams, from breaking news to viral lives.
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€125 per year
billed annually, equivalent of €10,42 per month
€12.50 per month
billed monthly
Life of Agreement Archiving
2 member accounts
One year minimum commitment period
Branded Content Usage & Credits See examples
Usage on up to 2 nominated digital platforms only
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Terms of Service.
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What the press says

“With Ruptly Pass, our vision is to widen the accessibility of good quality content that has previously been the privilege of a big-budget TV channel or corporation” IBC interview  
“Global video news agency Ruptly has unveiled a move to enable access to all content on its Ruptly.tv platform in a new subscription model.” Broadband TV News  
“Ruptly introduced flexible model, imaginative approach” AIB  
“Developed to democratise the video news industry and support emerging and mid-sized media entities, Ruptly PASS costs €12.50 per month and gives users unlimited access” Advanced Television  

Ruptly is an award-winning international video news agency

We use the latest in broadcast and newsgathering technology to get you closer to the action and more up to date with the latest news around the planet.